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customizable Dance, Cheer, and Skating team costumes and uniforms, along with Show Choir and Concert Dresses. PLUS we have added several options for Men. Order 5 or more costumes with the same fabric choices and get 20% off your order! Check our Available Discounts page for more deals!

Online Catalogs too! If you are interested in any of the styles we offer, but want to order them in a different fabric/color combination that is offered in our Web Store, or with slightly different features or SIZES, please contact Satin Stitches directly!

Pastry Dance Sneakers (that include a Gift Certificate towards your costume orders). We also have several accessory products from FRESH AGAIN® and Hollywood Fashion Secrets® that can not only extend the life of your costume, but they can also keep your costumes smelling as fresh as the day you purchased them.  Buy one item or an entire case (with a big discount, of course!) to cover yourself or your entire team.